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A.C.F. REFRIGERATION - Medical refrigeration

In 2004 A.C.F. ITALIA, in cooperation with a leading company within the refrigeration industry, has implemented the “Pharma Collection” line to expand in the Italian and foreign market its offer about medical refrigeration operating since the Nineties.



A.C.F. ITALIA staff is striving to meet clients' needs and reach the best technical solution exploiting its long experience.


Pharma Collection

It’s easily recognizable from its distinctive features:

- Unique Innovative Design: modern lines and customized solutions.

- Quality and Reliability: innovative and resistant materials.

- Professionalism and safety: in compliance to EU regulations and provided with CE mark.

“Pharma Collection” products are dedicated to hospitals, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies for the storage of medical products, blood and plasma that need an accurate temperature monitoring:

  • Refrigerators +5/+20°C
  • Blood bank +4°C
  • Freezers +5/-25°C
  • Combo -5/+20°C and +5/-25°C
  • Blast Chillers -40°C
  • Under counter
  • Ice makers


Highly skilled technicians follow all stages of production of each equipment in order to realize custom-made solutions. Each product is tested before delivery to guarantee customers functionality, quality and safety.


Sale and post-sale service

A.C.F. ITALIA Staff manages technical and commercial details of the sale service by participating in tenders, both Italian and foreign, exploiting its sale network of agents and distributors.

A.C.F. ITALIA takes care of installation and testing of each equipment thanks to its local service centres. It also provides technical courses for biomedical engineers and end users.


A.C.F. Italia is GREEN!

Our environmentally friendly attitude starts already in the design stage. In A.C.F. Refrigeration we make use of high quality components to secure products reliability and low energy consumption.

In each stage of production we take care of the environment through the choice of cooling gas CFC Free such as R290 and R600 and the recycling of components: 90% of our equipment are recyclable.

Energy consumption is really low thanks to adequate insulation, highly reliable components and precise implementation.

A.C.F. Refrigeration products are well known and appreciated in the Italian and international market.

A.C.F. ITALIA has been so far exporting its equipments abroad, increasing and spreading its brand knowledge in a competitive market, still ensuring high quality standard of “made in Italy” products.





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